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We breed for Miniature and toy Schnauzer Puppies!!

Here are a few testimonials that past puppy buyers have sent to me:

"My husband and I began our search for a miniature schnauzer November 2012. We immediately came across the site . After visiting a few other sites, we kept coming back to this one. We felt the site was the most clear cut and also told us the most about the breeders. My husband contacted Stephanie and was welcomed to come to her home and see the newest litter. He was extrememly impressed with her knowledge and expertise on breeding as well as her professionalism. While there, he spent time with the puppies and also was able to meet the mom and dad schnauzer without even asking. Finally, after a few double takes, he "chose" Lola (our puppy). A deposit was made that very day and we were told unless something unforseen happened to her, she would be ours within a few weeks of maturing. Christmas Eve, the Quincey's were kind enough to meet us half way between their home and ours and bring us our girl. This puppy is the best and most easy going dog I have ever been around. She instantly became a part of our family. We are thankful for all the tips and information Stephanie gave us on how the next few days and weeks might go! If we decide to get another dog, we will definitely contact her and will recommend others to contact her as well. "

Best Regards,

The O'Meara Family (Alabama)

Carlisle, Beth, Emory (8) and Owen (6)

"I have one of the "lovemyschanuzer" puppies and is as cute as can be. She has been a good pet and a wonderful spirit lifter to me in my time of need. "lovemyschnauzer" is a good and caring breeder. I would recommend them to anyone for getting a miniature schnauzer. Each puppy is treated from day one as if they were the breeder's own puppy. "lovemyschnauzer" is an A+ breeder and will always be were I go to for my miniature schnauzers from now on."

Wells Family (Tennessee)

I just wanted to thank you again for Belle. She is so precious. We have just fallen in love with her. She is so smart, and she has the funniest personality! Also, she has a sock addiction...but we all have our quirks. Right? We just feel so blessed to have her. Also, I feel like I have made a new friend, in you. I am grateful for your knowledge and encouraging words. There have been many questions in the last several months. I appreciate that you kept Belle for us until Christmas AND met us in Montgomery to get her. I feel like you went out of your way to help us. Everyone that we came across in the dog hunting process was not so willing to accommodate our needs. Thank you for taking such good care of Belle and us. :)

Tina Wilks and Cammie's Princess Belle (Henagar, AL)

Just wanted to update you on Jack in the Box. He's growing quick, and is such a fast learner! Got his first schnauzer haircut a couple of days ago. Hope all is well. Our family really loves him!

Dockens Family (Webb, AL)

Jennifer Brown and Family (McCalla, AL)

I hope you all are doing well. Just wanted to check in and tell you we are in total love with our little girl. We named her Heidi, after the book. She is adjusting nicely and is house training like a champ. We actually can't believe how well she is training, you all must have worked with her some. We took her down to our camper in Destin last weekend and she had fun being a beach dog! She is also learning to be a farm dog. She really likes chasing the chickens! I see more Quincey family schnauzers in our future! Thanks again!

Stephanie, I know I have told you this before, but it's worth repeating. Millie turned 6 months old yesterday. We have had many great dogs. She is by

far the sweetest and best behaved baby we have had. She brings us more love and joy imaginable. During this

time of Thanksgiving we would like to

let you know how thankful we are that

you were there for us at a very sad time. With your adorable puppies, Lacey and George, you created our

little angel. Thank you from our heart.

Blessing for you and your family this


Linda Smith

Lacey and George Litter

Just wanted to give you an update on Dottie. She has been with us only a week and has already fallen into a routine. Dottie is smart, sweet, and full of energy. She has not only stolen our hearts but has also become fast friends with our 9-year-old schnauzer. We are lucky to have her as a member of our family.

I would recommend “lovemyschnauzers” to anyone who is in the market for a new forever friend. Stephanie is very informative and made the transition easy and fun. She even met us in Troy to help save time. Thank you Quincy family for raising such beautiful, sweet tempered schnauzers

Meg Nelson, Lake Martin

There are so many wonderful things to say about Stephanie and her puppies! For starters, we really wanted our kids to see the puppies grow. She was always very gracious and accommodating every time we asked to come. She thoroughly answered our many questions, let us play with all the puppies, and even let us watch a litter being born! Everything was always clean, and it was obvious that she loves all those babies and they love her. Our sweet "Libby" is everything we want in a dog! She is absolutely beautiful, full of energy, and so much fun to have around! Our vet was very impressed with Libby, and agreed with me that she has a great temperament. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone wanting a schnauzer!!!

Jennifer Drake, Alabama

Lacey and Charlie Brown Litter


Gail Lindley Andrews5 starThe Best! Your baby will be the most well adjusted, sweetest

and most loved schnauzer ever. Stephanie knows how to put the best temperaments, size

and dogs together for the best puppies available. Ours is the love of our life! Thank you !!!!

There has never been a better dog than a schnauzer! There has never been a better

breeder than Stephanie! We welcomed Murphy Brown into our home in May and she is

hands down the most precious and beautiful schnauzer ever! Her temperament is fabulous

and she is unbelievably smart! She's a heavy weight at 6 pounds at 7 months and controls

our hearts! If you are looking for the BEST to share as the love in your life... Contact Love my schnauzers!

She is perfect and sooooo smart! A snuggle bunny but although the smallest in the

neighborhood--- she by far has the biggest and best personality! Loves the Labs and rules

the Shih tzu babies! Yes. Did I say she has total control of all? I would have 10 if they were

all as well behaved and as perfect as she is.